Today my babysitter decided it's time for no-nonsense bondage. A dozen ropes (250 meters of rope!) later I was tied up like never before. So tight, like I was glued to the chair! And finally tights, a gag harness, a shoe and a nice plastic bag and I was also totally gagged. All in all a great sunday afternoon!


I love Pantyhose. And I love to be tied up. And most of all, I love to wank into pantyhose while being tied up. ItŪs not so easy to wank while your hands are bound and encased in tights! But I get even more turned on when I know that someone is watching÷The tights make me horny and the ropes are nice and tight. In this set I present you my —secretaryž outfit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did÷Buute before the bondage starts I had to decide which shoes to wear...Which pair do YOU like most?


This pervert, good-for-nothing pantyhose addict gets tied up by his stepmother. But instead to be a nice ropebunny, he starts touching himself. His stepmother awakes to this perv getting off! Obviously she has teach him a lesson. If he likes her tights and heels so much he can wear them. And be tied in them. And gagged. And mummified. And teased because his stepmother is "mean". Pantyhose pervs get punished.


Billy is caught in his sisters skirt, tights and boots. There's no other option but to restrain him to a chair with lots of rope - nice and tight! But even that falls shorts, Billy is still trying to pump down there even though his hands are secured in his sisters boots! Real crossdressing, real bondage.


At long last, another installment of my nightlong, triple bound-a-thon, which started with a surprise crossdressing (and hogtie!), a follow-up chairtie, and GASP a miraculous hat trick to round out Lady Renees visit. At this point, really, no one should be surprised...


It's true. Women love boots. And I love boots, too. so that's the story: You can talk forever with a woman about shoes and boots. Interestingly they even don't seem to be intigued when a man is interested in womans shoes. They love it when you know about brand and styles. Try and go shoe shopping woth a friend of yours...she will absolutely LOVE it. You can watch her when she trys her boots in the store, you can admire her legs and feet (but do not mention THIS part, of course) So you have an excellent excuse to hang around in womens shoe stores for HOURS! And who knows, maybe this friend of yours let you get closer to her shoes than you ever imagined! Look at me Here I am hogtied in chapboots, wearing my ladyfriends thighboots an my hands!


Me and my GF playing "Home Invasion". I was dressed in tights, boots and my new black dress, opening the door to the wrong people, ending up chairtied, hands in boots, mouthstuffed and shoegagged. It was great!


A nylondoll in a zentaisuit, a lazy afternoon, pantyhose, boots and a plastic bag. You lie on your bed and imagine different ways to be bound and gagged, wearing womens dresses, hosiery and heels. In your sweet daydreams you are bound with ropes and gagged in in many ways. Overwhelmed by your fantasy you finally cum. #bondagedreams #crosdresser #bondage #femdom #pantyhosegag #handsinboots #gagged #bagged


When it comes to bondage, either it works or it doesn't. When I'm Lady Renees prisoner, there is no escaping. Whether it's two ropes or 200. Stuck means stuck, and today, it's about being gagged! I love to be Renees ropebunny, wearing pantyhose, womens boots and dresses and of course being effectively gagged! #femdom #bdsm #crossdresser


I decided to dress up almost entitely in pantyhose (Hudson & Wolford) and boots (Prada), just the way I like it. You may find that outfit strange or even deviant, but I feel aroused under three pairs of tights and my hands comfy and secure in a pair of leather boots. To prevent me from fooling around my mistress secured my best parts with a chatity belt made out of a high heel and ropes. So I ended up bound, hooded, mouthstuffed, shoegagged and.....happy! #gagged #bondage #leatherboots


A boy alone in his beautiful red ribbed tights. He steals hosiery from his sister, slides into them with his hands, lies on his bed and imagines different ways to be bound and gagged. In his dreams he gets strokes by pantyhosed feet, while wearing nice dresses, boots and pantyhose. in those dreams he is bound with ropes and gagged in in many ways. Overwhelmed by his fantasy he finally cums. #bondagedreams #crosdresser #bondage #femdom #pantyhosegag #handsinboots #ribbedtights


What's the reward if you get busted wearing your wifes clothes? Have you ever imagined what will happen to you if your girlfriend caughts you, wanking into her best hoseiry? With this set of photos you might get an idea what your wife will do if she finds out about your "hobby"...."restrained and disposed" is maybe the best that will happen to you!


Working as a bondage model is fun but can be hard sometimes. Here are three sets I did recently: 1.) NYLONDOLL CHAIRTIED - I was wearing boots on my feet AND my hands, was hooded and dressed in a blue FIBROTEX bodystocking and a leotard. Hands tied up in front of me. 2.) BOUND IN EXECUTION STYLE - Dressed in a very claasical style with long boots and opera gloves I was bound standing and sitting with hands tied up and secured on my back in the way you will be bound before an execution! 3.) BOUND TO CUM - My photographer forced me into her dress and allowed me to wank while being bound and gagged. My hands are encased in tights and my lips are sealed with MICROFOAM. I am wearing a pair of FALKE tights.


The last time my older sister changed her tights, I grabbed her worn ones, to put them on, enjoy them for a while and to cum inside them. But things got VERY awry and weird from the moment she caught me in the act! Anyway, I was FORCED to cum, got hogtied, gagged, hooded and even bagged!


Jon has a list of things he wants to do this year: skydiving, rock climbingÖso he came across a company online that says, for a fee, they will tie up a consenting adult for the day, as part of their "adventure service". Jon is very excited when hearing the knock on the doorÖ He knows that he will be tied up and gagged and the thought excites and scares him at the same time. A woman comes in and wastes no time. Jon is securely tied to with ropes and can't move too much. His hands are stuck inside the womans boots, so he canít even move his fingers! The woman teases him a bit and tells him that he could take him away and keep him tied up. Who would ever know where Jon is? He is frightened but also excited by the idea. His arms are already useless as they are tied behind his back, and they are starting to go numb. Jon is tightly blindfolded mouthstuffed, the gag sealed with microfoam and a high heel she. Is the woman just playing a game with Jon, or is it real?


Two sets featuring BOYS IN BONDAGE: A hogtie involving a monoglove armbinder, a panel gag and forced shoe smelling - and as a SPECIAL GUEST: ballett boots pants! Chairtied and gagged with duct tape, dressed in heels and tights and left for good is the setting for the other half of this very nice set.


Like me, the vast majority of sissies are part time sissies, normal heterosexuals who occassionally don womenís panties or other feminine lingerie, usually for masturbation. But this time there will be no "cum in your hose" because in the very moment I slipped into my hosiery, heels and dress I got caught, bound and finally gagged, hooded and hogtied!


For me crossdressing is all abouts tights, pantyhose, boots and very short skirts and dresses. As I don't give a lot about make up and wigs, I love to be hooded and gagged while beinf tied up. And my favourite gag is a pair of hosiery stuffed into my mouth and covered with a well worn high heel over my face. And talking about boots...I love it when my hands are stuck inside them...It restrains your hands and fingers and prevents you from fumbling on the ropes...


I love wearing boots, smelling worn boots, worshipping boots and being ecased in boots. My favourite kind of boots are leather overknee or thigh boots. I love to wear them on my hands. I can feel imagine the feet of the girl who has been wearing and the smell of them...Then I feel totally relaxed and secure. Of course I love being tied and gagged, too. I love being chairtied most and of course I prefer mouthstuffing pantyhose gags and shoegags most!


Over the years I was able to collect almost ALL colours from the famous ERGEE ERGOLAN "Men's Tights" series. Having purchased a navy blue pair in my size I proudly present yopu my whole collection. I'm wearing different pairs before I start layering them and get hogtied at last.


My favourite tights, a pair of leather riding boots and lots of rope - that's all we need for a nice bondage afternoon. I LOVE being chairtied with my hands on front, so I added a pair of opera gloves befor my wrists got tied and after that just enjoyed the show...


"I enjoy tying and gagging my husband when my friends comes over or leaving him hogtied while we go out to dinner. Are there other wives that enjoy humiliating their husbands in this way? I'm sure there are but I have come across very little on the subjest of cuckold husband bondage."


This month features a couple of our hottest shots along with lots of bondage, gagging and..TIGHTS. It starts with Sissy Jon dressing up in tights held up with suspenders. His opera gloved wrists are getting tied up behind his back. His girlfriend then ties his ankles and legs together. Then we get to the good part. Jons girlfriend stuffes her own stockings into Jons mouth then seals it shut with duct tape! Jon is just having way too much fun, and it shows!

CROSSDRESERS IN PERIL - October 2015 - Wool Mummification

Leather, rubber and latex are very nice fetishes. But personally my favorite way to be totally mummified is in layers and layers of sweaters, mittens, hoods, leggings or catsuits knitted of wool! To be covered this way from head to toe and bound tight can be a total sensory delight or torture. Are there any other sweater bondage-mummification lovers here? Here is one set of me as a wool mummy, tied securely by my demanding Mistress!


Nastasia went out shopping and brought herself some new pantyhose. Once she gets home she finds her boyfriend wearing her favourite dress and wanking into her tights. Nastasia gets annoyed and decides to teach her boyfriend a lesson. She binds and gags him. The gag is a pair of hose Natasia had worn and now she shoves it in his mouth. Nastasia takes one of her heels and tapes it to her boyfriends face so he canít get rid of it and is forced to smell her shoe.


I decided to put on my black thighboots both on my feet and on my hands. They feel lovely, and tight to my legs and arms. 'Nice thighboots, are they yours?' she asked. I said 'yes', and started to explain why I was wearing them on my hands! She grabbed my booted wrist and walked me into the bedroom. She pushed me down on into a chair and told me to stay there. Then she pulled my wrists tight behind my back, and then tied my ankles tight so that I couldn't move. 'Thank you for letting me do that, your boots are damn hot and made me horny.'


SANDRA ties up Jon in his brand new BALLETT BOOTS PANTS: "Jon is an international bondage model. He is a rigger for most of the time now, and only lets a select few tie her up. I'm lucky enough to be one of those few. He's a real bondage enthusiast who loves to be tied up. And can't you tell?"


Our "Bondage Calendar 2015" project deals with crossdressing bondage fantasies. The ropework and photos are done by Jons girlfriend. She gets her own ammount of fun out of their sessions since she really loves the sight of tightly bound sissy boys. She even encourages Jon to wear womens clothes more often an to pose more feminine in the pictures. It really takes one to know one!


"Calender Girl" Sissy Jon will now feature every end of the month in another "sticky" situation. In an very girly outfit fitting to the season (s)he will find himself tied up and gagged for your pleasure. The ropework and photos are done by Jons girlfriend. Remarkably, however, it took almost no time at all for her to get used to "Sissy" Jon, and indeed to see "her" as Jonís most natural manifestation - a gambit that works in no small part because Jon looks undeniably good in tights, heels and ropes!


Never underestimate some boys desire to be tied up! It has been suggested that being a woman has submissive elements, and bondage would be a way for a crossdresser (CD) to experiment with another aspect of perceived femininity. SIX different sets in one Geallery!! These BOYS dress like women because they want to. And remember: All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better!!!


Jon is forced by his aunt Linda to wear his cousins tights. To get accustomed to girls hosiery he thinks itís a good idea to relax a little bit into those tights and before he knows what has happened he finds himself hogtied and gagged! After a while he gets ratchet strapped to a chair and being suffocated via a plastic bag over his head. He is wearing leather boots on his hands and his legs are bound very tight! The ratchet straps tighten uncomfortably before the 'scene' even starts and Jon is getting scared but still trying to play it tough!


Anne is a very famous bondage artist from France and we did some sessions with her. Here are the first two sets: Anne is very into bondage of all kind and has a fetish for everything below the waist. So everytime she picks up some ropes she makes shure her "victim" is wearing hose or tights! As a reward (for being such a nice rope bunny) Jon is allowed to slide into Annes leather knee boots.....


What Jon likes to call his SCARIEST session to date, he finds himself bound helplessly to a chair, and a ropes tightly wound around his neck is bonded with his feet so everytime he stretches his uncomfortably restrained legs, he strangles himself. The point is to induce a feeling of euphoria by temporarily depriving the brain of oxygen by applying pressure to the neck. In the second set Jon is tied up very very tight with really A LOT OF ROPE! Susi uses a pair of tights over Jonss head, and a tight squeeze to strangle him with it. Just as Jon is getting ready to go out, she releases her grasp, and decides to throw a bag over his head, while he is still shoe gagged!!


This was really great! Hogtied in a Wolford Leotard, Falke opaque tights, black high heels and gagged with a nylon stocking taht was held in my mouth by a shoe from Jenny, who did the ropework and the fotos! I love the way she does the knots: Tight but not uncomfortable. It reminds me of a friend who was forced to wear the tights of his sister while he was held tied up by her...but that's a story for next month!


A wank sock is used when an individual, for whatever reason decided to place an sock over his penis whilst mastubating. It is belived to be quite common in america where women are so fridgid all a guy can do is wank in his socks. I used a wank sock, but for about 10 years I only use "wank Tights" everytime I masturbate so I don't have to worry about semen going anywhere else but inside the tights. I also use tools like shoes and boots to stimulate me even more. And here you can see what happens to "bad guys" when they are "caught in the act".....


I know it's not easy to understand, but I really love being tied up and gagged in heels and tights. And that's it. I don't need to be treated in any way while I am bound. I enjoy the silence and the feeling of the ropes, the tenderness of my tights and the feminine touch of my high heels. That's mostly all I need to feel veeeery comfy. I don't need dirty words or to be teased by naked flesh. I just enjoy beinf there at this moment. Of course it takes a woman to bind! I don't like getting tied up by guys. Not at all! So every time a special lady friend of mine steps by she puts out the ropes and the camera and we go for it.


Dina catches Jon while he is "playing" with her shoes and boots and ejoys himself a little too much for her taste. To prevent him from doing more "nonsense" she ties him up very tight and puts his hand into a pair of knee high boots, so he can't use his hands and fingers anymore. But even restrained like this Jon finds a way.....Maybe next time Dina would be good advised to bind his hands BEHIND his back. And remember: a tights fetish always comes WITHOUT underwear!


My mother's tights were real, grown up, sheer pantyhose - and they were always 15 or 20 denier in beige, brown, navy or black. It was what girls my own age were wearing that I became increasing fixated by, once I had reached the age of seven and older. I was fascinated by the tights the girls wore to school, and out and about in the town or at children's parties I went to. When I was at primary school the girls were all dressed in pleated skirts or longer pinafore dresses between September and April mostly combined with navy blue ribbed tights. Eventually, red and white legs appeared at school and morphed from thick woollen tights into proper pantyhose - 40 to 80 denier opaques with a tantalising lycra sheen that gave me years of sleepless nights as I grew into my mid-teens.


There's nothing like the magnificent site of a shemale with a cock covered in nylon. So when we found Trish in the net it was unbelievable. This beautiful girl is half a boy? Fantastic! She also was a bondage virgin. So we tied her up for the very first time in her life. A real tranny in trouble. No wonder she was hard like a rock in her tights during the session. Well and it was our first session with a female and I have to say it was great. She understood a lot more about pantyhose fetish than most women! Trish said: "Most men would love to shag a tranny. Sometimes when I wear my tan tights I catch men staring at my ass when I bend over. I have had sex with so many "masculine straight" men I'm inclined to believe the desire is in most men" What do you think? Is it in you, too?


This time Jon really get's it. His friend Susi developed the mother of all hogties for men! Just look at the pictures and try to imagine how Jon must have felt as these ropes got tighter and tighter! After 3 hours(!) Susi exempted Jon from his exciting yet restraining position, chairtied him and gave him a ltlle footjob (Jon was pantyhose- and shoegagged all the time!)


I like wearing skirts and other traditionally women's clothes despite the fact that I'm a guy. I do this because I like the way these clothes look and feel and I don't see why I shouldn't just wear what I want. I just love that "gender bending" thing. And of course I love being tied up and being agged with pantyhose and I love to smell on well worn women's shoes, so shoes are often used as an additional gag (a "shoegag") on me. And why do I tie my legs myself? Because my nanny told me so, silly!


My new GF and I share the same size for clothes and shoes. What may sound to many very featureless is for a CD like me almost unbelievable. A sensation. It's like christmas. It's one of the seven wonders. So I started trying her clothes, her tights and of course her boots. Everything fits. All of her stuff was like made for me! So the next thing was to show her how to tie me up (That's why the set starts with me tying my legs). And here you can see the result. We really had a LOT of fun!


RICK thought it would be fun to try out for an adult movie called "THE HOOD". He had no idea that bondish would be doing the casting, and that He'd have to be tied up for it, wearing pantyhose and women's clothes and thighboots! (We think he looks great in his Wolford tights, leather overknee boots and cleave gag. Take a closer look at his neck bondage...CAROLA did a great job tying Rick up nice and tight and doing all these beautiful photos.


A very good way to prevent the tied up person to twiddle with the ropes is to pust the hands into a pair of boots. I prefer well worn high heeled overknee boots. the bootleg goes up to the shoulder and to be with my hands whre a girls foot has been is amazing. The more the boots are worn, the better! Susi tied my hands arms and legs very very tight and it was her pair of boots I was allowed to wear on my hands while being bound (and gagged with a pair of her tights). One of my finest bondage adventures, so far!


Susi and I share the same shoe size, so it is possible for me to wear her shoes and boots!!! So when I asked her if I could possibly slide into her tights and boots she agreed but only on one condition: She would bind and gag me. Of course that was absolutely OK for me! So I ended up tied and gagged wearing her tights and boots.(On feet AND hands) and Susi took some nice pictures. In the end we both ended up in ropes, because Dina came by to pick up Susi and she couldn't resist to tie her up. And I can tell you one thing for sure: There is nothing better than to be with your hands in well worn girls boots. To be with your fingers where her feet have been...unbelievable.


Hosierydoll reaches the next level: The hogtie. With unexpected help from a mysterious lady he gets his wrists bound behind his back and after admiring hinself in the mirror gets strictly hogtied on the bed. Inescapable, he has to stay hogtied as long as it pleases the lady, with his hands getting numb, the gag sucked up with his drool, legs and feet lashed up together and pinned to his body. What a great exposure to be in!


Dressed in a black Lycra ZENTAI bodysuit, pantyhose and overknee boots, Hosierydoll is almost dressed for some bonsdage. He slips out of his pants and reveals us a closer look on the pair of glossy tights he's wearing over the bodysuit. After sliding into the soft leatherboots again, he's lashing up his legs with ropes and gags himself with a pair of pantyhose a a lengthy piece of cloth, wrapping over the mouth (over and over again). The next part in this series will show us that Hosierydoll gets some unexpected help, finishing the ropework!


A few pix from our partner site Mostly you see lovely trannies tied up and gagged in different situations and positions but sometimes there are femdom scenarios and a few selfgagging series on this site, too. It's always worth to take a closer look on this fantastic website even if it's just for the stunning oufits. The most important thing: The ladys are ALWAYS wearing pantyhose and tights! Check out:


Claudia loves her black thighboots and she wears them all the time. My word. Yes, I can confirm they had recently been worn. The aroma was STUNNING. Best of all - I reached inside and felt around; the synthetic fur lining was a little clammy, especially in the toe area, no wonder after walking around in these boots the whole day, with nothing between her feet and the lining than a pair of pantyhose. Worn boots of girls are making me horny! I love to kiss and smell them! The more they smell sthe more it turns me on! I would like to cum all over her feet if I see her sliding out of her boots! It=B4s just amazing and it turns me on like nothing else! I would love to press my nose on her feet, smell her pantyhosed soles from the bottom to her toes.


Once Claudia found out how much I enjoyed my first force-fem bondage, she decided that I will spend every weekend in fem and as a helpless damsel. And even though I struggled against those ropes, I enjoyed every minute. Especially the moment when I had to slide with my hands into Claudias thighboots really turned me on: now my hands will be resting where once before her feet have been!


A whole Sunday afternoon tied up and gagged in tights and pantyhose. Claudia invited Michael and Jon for a "Bondage Afternoon".


Claudia and I share a passion for tights, leotards and cat suits as well as bondage. I love to watch her dressing up and get very aroused by the different types of tights she wears and she knows it too. We love to play and tease each other through the tight shiny second skin of her hosiery, usually ending with one of us being tied up. She loves the feeling of nylon and always wears hose or tights around the house. Last time I visited her, I noticed that she had something in her hand. She threw what turned out to be her shiny white tights at me and said, "Put these on". I had always wanted to wear them with her and sometimes wore them when she wasn't around but wasn't sure how she would react. I paused a minute and she watched as I pulled them up my legs. "These too for your arms" she said, as she handed me her thighboots. I slipped with my hands int othem, as instructed and worked my arms through the bootlegs. She told me how cute and sexy I looked in her white tights, with my hands in her boots. She told me to turn around as she grabbed a piece of rope off the bed and tied my hands tightly behind my back. I was rock hard and she stroked my erection as she pressed against me kissing me backwards until I fell on the bed.


Here are some very special pictures fron south america sent by our friend Stefano. He is a real panthose lover and enjoys nothing more than a good encsement. Hre you can get some inspiration from a part of the world that has not been very famous for it's share of nylon lovers. But now we have the chance to see the "Latin Way".


Recently I bought myself a pair of brandnew "CLIMATE COMFORT" tights from ELBEO. Good oldfashioned ribbed wool tights. Then Andrea, an old friend of mine visited me and I asked her to tie me up in my new tights. Of course she agreed (she really likes to tie me up, I guess..) and she also took some nice photos. I really loved to stay in this position for quite some time...perfectly gagged and hooded!


KATHARINA still loves to play with dolls. That's normal for a girl. But Katharina loves living dolls and turns them into her encased and bound playmates. This time Frank and Jon volounteer to play with Katharina. And she plays the full programm: pantyhose encasement, boots, nylonhoods, ropes...poor dolls.


Like many other I am a pantyhose and nylon addict. I love to cover myself totally in pantyhose - from head to toe. Mostly I start with a bodystocking and after taht I add some pantyhose for the arms and for a hood. This time I slipped into a pair of very expensive JEAN GABORIT boots (borrowed from KATHARINA) and after this my arms were bound in a tight armbinder. It's hard to be in these for more than about 30-45 minutes as the arms and hands go numb by then causing more distress and more after a while I got released and ended up suspended on the bed. Nice!


This is the prequel to the first set. Here you can follow me through all the stages of me getting totally tied up. I have to say she made a very good job. The ropework was absolutely tight and unescapepable but comfortable enough for being tied up for hours. One of the finest bondage sessions I experienced.


This time I got tied up by a good friend of mine. She knows everything about my addiction to bondage and tights. She also took these beatiful photos. During the shooting she only wore a sweater, a pair of opaque pantyhose, overknee stockings and kneehigh boots. During the 2 hours it took tying me up and doing the first half of the photos my excitement grew more and more because she told me that she would eventually gag me with her overknee stockings. And after I was totally covered in ropes the big moment was there. She took of her boots and was gagging me with her stockings! Then she was teasing me with her feet and even let me sniff in the inside of her boots. The smell of her boots and the taste of her soft stockings in my mouth - These were some of the finest moments in my life.


After encasing myself in nvy blue wooltights a good friend of mine tied me up and then photographed me. She was the first person who I confessed my obsession for tights and bondage to. She is very clever and really creative, so her ropework is always someting special. And I like to be gagged by her, especially when she uses her worn tights. But this time she decided to use a ballgag and a pair of tights for a hood - because of the "better look" as she told me afterwards.


The fist time I came in "contact" with girls tights was when I was about 7 years old. I was at the place of a classmate and she wore a pair of those nvy-blue ribbed tights every girl was wearing at this time. For quite some time the wish to wear one of those grew inside of me, so I "confessed" the desire to slide inside her tights. Somehow she liked the idea of me wearing her tights and she was willing in. I still can remember the sensation of sliding into a apir of girls tights for the first time like it was yesterday and so I have a special fetish for navy blue ribbed wooltights.


Some bondages are meant to punish, others for control and still others are for routine use. Here is a bondage I could be in for hours during the day.. with ropes that were inescapable but also relatively comfortable. This was my daily routine for many years. I learned to communicate with "gag-talk", though I always prefered the pantyhose gag instead of the ballgag, because it was much more comfortable during the hours. While bound to the chair I couldn't do more than enjoying the feeling of the ropes and of course the sensation of wearing pantyhose and ladys-boots. During the hours hogtied on the bed it was sometimes possible to "release" the tension nto the hose.


FRANK & JON are posing in their most favourite position. Jon in opaque tights and boots and Frank encased in pantyhose. Both are tied in the way they most prefer. Inspiring, isn't it?